Blog #2: Myth vs. Facts about Grief

Blog #2:  Myth vs. Facts about Grief

Front Range Hospice Philosophy on Grief

Grief is NORMAL. Grief describes the reactions that we experience to loss. We may find ourselves entering a downward spiral, feeling completely out of control, or unable to stop crying. We may feel like we are going crazy. BELIEVE that you are NOT going crazy. Grief is not something that we do right or wrong; it is simply something that we do. Just as we are unique in personality, we are unique in the way that we grieve.

1. Myth: I can make my grief end by just ignoring it.

Fact: Facing your grief and dealing with it honestly helps bring about real healing and growth. Stuffing it can lead to future problems with depression or anxiety.

2. Myth: It’s better to “be strong” for my family during/after a loss.

Fact: Grief involves many emotional, physical and spiritual reactions. Trying to “protect your family” can lead to confusion and loneliness. Being honest with family members helps them understand how they can offer support; it also gives them permission to grieve more openly.

3. Myth: Grief typically last a few months, maybe up to a year.

Fact: Many people experience strong symptoms of grief for at least a year or longer. Grief recovery is a healing process that is gradual and takes time. It differs with each person and cannot be predicted as to “what is the right way” for someone.

This is only a small list of some of the reactions that you may experience in your grief. If you feel that your grief reactions are interfering with your ability to make it through your day or interfering with your emotional well-being PLEASE do not hesitate to call Front Range Hospice. We are available to offer individual counseling or help you to find the resources that will best suit your situation. Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult roads we will have to walk and you do not have to walk this road alone.


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