Part III: End Stage Dementia Caregiving

Guidelines for Communication


• Minimize distractions.

• Keep rooms uncluttered.

• Reduce background noise from TV and radio whenever possible.

• Ensure adequate lighting.

Verbal Interactions

• Use short and simple sentences.

• Use specific, concrete, and familiar words whenever possible.

• Deliver the message at a slower than normal rate.

• Maintain appropriate conversational volume, unless the person is hard of


• Limit length of conversation. If the person becomes overstimulated they

may become or have increased confusion, frustration, or agitation.

• Call the person by their name before beginning the conversation.

• It may be necessary to identify yourself and establish the purpose of the


• Avoid high demand for recall of recent events in your conversations.

• Be sure to face the person when speaking. This allows the person to receive

nonverbal information.

• Ask one question at a time and wait for a response. If the person appears

confused restate the question in a simplified manner.

• Accept that you will hear a story or a complaint repeatedly. Listen with

tolerance, interest, and a sense of humor.


About Front Range Hospice- Legendary Care

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