“I cannot imagine by mother’s life without Hospice, their philosophy, their care, their kind employees.”

This is an actual letter received by a family member who received Front Range Hospice services. All identifying information has been removed to protect patient privacy. The entire staff of Front Range Hospice wants to thank this family for allowing us to partner with them in providing loving care to their family member.

Dear Front Range Hospice staff,

                My family and I are so grateful for everything that your hospice has done for us. We would recommend your hospice to anyone seeking compassionate care for a loved one.

                My mother was cared for by your hospice for almost one year. She had a debilitating disease that progressed so that by the last 3 months she was nearly bedridden. When we first arranged for Hospice we felt very alone and overwhelmed. We had no family nearby. When your staff arrived they not only brought equipment to make our lives easier, but they also sent us staff that were supportive and compassionate, taught us better ways to care for my mother, provided medications and instruction, and took a large load of the work off of our hands. They emphasized to us that we need to focus on her and our emotional needs as much as on her physical needs. They were able to change her plan of care with her changing needs, and when they arrived in our home we felt such comfort and support.

                Your CNA had been with our mother from the beginning. She would greet Mom almost before she would speak to us. She was so gentle and kind, and talked to her. She worked so hard, and really got to know my mother. She is so sweet and has very comforting hands and manner.

                The social worker came later, but she really got to the depth of our need for support, and she just listened, and empathized. She had some very good practical suggestions. She gave us information when we needed it, seemed to have a sense of perfect timing to meet our needs.

                The chaplain did so much for us he cannot even imagine. He helped us all as a family unit, not only helping us with our mother but also when we had another family death. He helped my father face his loneliness from losing my mother with a much more positive perspective, and gave him hope for his future. He worked with my young daughters and helped them to answer questions they had facing death, his teaching and support to all of us will help us throughout our lives. He also gave mother his strength and his special gifts, and for that we will always be grateful.

                Our dear nurse. I cannot say enough about her. She is a breath of fresh air and hope. She came into the house and we instantly felt comforted and strengthened. She taught us, supplied us, consoled us, and told us we were doing a good job. She is a tower of strength and has such a compassionate understanding. My family and I grew much attached to her. At the end she enabled us, and let us know she was there for us at any time, she gave us courage. Her smile, her hugs and her touch will always stay with us. The relationship she established with my mother was so special.

                I would also like to thank your PRN nurse who was with us at the beginning and at the end. She was a friend even though she hardly knew us.

                I cannot imagine by mother’s life without Hospice, their philosophy, their care, their kind employees. I hope this is a service that will always be available, enabling excellent quality of care to those whose lives are ending and for their loved ones. Hospice saves us from expensive hospital visits, and helps us to provide care to those who would otherwise be hospitalized or institutionalized. I will always be an advocate for this excellent service, and will always be grateful to Hospice.

                                                Yours sincerely,


About Front Range Hospice- Legendary Care

Front Range Hospice is a center for excellence in providing end-of-life care and we continue to strive to keep our company achieving distinction. Visit us at www.frhospice.com.
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