A rose by any other name…

Front Range Hospice prides itself on Providing Legendary End of Life Care to every person on its service. Each patient has access to a Registered Nurse, Certified Nurse Aide, Social Worker, Chaplain and volunteer.

The volunteer program isn’t a one size fits all program. The volunteers themselves are as unique as the patients. Think of each type of volunteer as a different kind of flower. The companion volunteer is a rose. A carnation represents the massage therapy volunteer. Marigolds are the bilingual volunteers, while the Veteran to Veteran volunteers are calla lilies. Music therapy volunteers are the daisies in the bunch. The vigil volunteers provide the baby breath for the grand volunteer program bouquet. These vigil volunteers specialize in spending their time with a person in the last days or hours of life. They fill in and add the extra coverage in the end, giving the family comfort as well as holding the hand of a patient.

It is a sweet smelling, colorful and blossoming bunch who truly want to make a difference in the end of life. Just because you don’t see a geranium in the bunch, go ahead and ask because we just might be able to cultivate one.


About Front Range Hospice- Legendary Care

Front Range Hospice is a center for excellence in providing end-of-life care and we continue to strive to keep our company achieving distinction. Visit us at www.frhospice.com.
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