No Ugly Crying

By Victor Montour


February 27th wasn’t a typical Saturday around our house. We started the day as usual, getting up out of bed to let the dogs out. The sun was shining bright, with the cool sent of moisture in the air from the long cool night left behind. It was a glorious morning to be thankful for.

As the morning grew older my imagination started to awaken. I started imaging what the party we sent the RSVP to was going to be like. You see this is the first time I have ever been invited to a hair cutting party. Now you’re wondering what the heck is a hair cutting party. So let me explain.

In January a lovely lady we recently become friends with was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. With a diagnosis like this I’m not sure I could handle myself with the grace, strength and love like she has. Her smile continues to light up any room she is in. Listening to her talk about her chemo treatment and her end of life plan with such confidence is amazing.

While she is planning her chemo treatment, putting her end of life plan in place and finding new housing for herself she has planned a unique party complete with friends, champagne and a full on head shaving. You see she didn’t want to go through the process of her hair falling out from her chemo. So, she chose to take control of the situation and turn something that could be devastating to a person into a time of love and joy.

The time has come for us to head to the party. In our invitation is a card that has been bedazzled with miniature pink daisies. A lady could never use to much color. We are now making our way to the destination listed on the invitations “Hanas Hope”. With a 60 minute commute ahead of us I started wondering what kind of place is Hanas Hope? I’ve never heard of it and to add to the excitement I opted to not Google the location.

When we arrived it was clearly a hair styling salon. We entered the salon and I must say I was in disbelief. I couldn’t believe what I was about to be witness to. The salon was not your typical hair salon. It didn’t have the overwhelming smell of perm solution or the subtle smell of hair coloring chemicals. What it did have was a very unique, welcoming feel to the salon. It was filled with all natural hair care products and an endless array of hats, scarves, head scarves and hundreds and hundreds of wigs. It was clear to us that Hanas Hope specializes in helping women maintain their dignity and beauty.

We were greeted by the owner who escorted us to an area in the shop which had a large dining room table and comfortable lounge furniture for us to relax and enjoy some Champaign. As the party started up we were all given a hand embroidered hanky with the words “No Ugly Crying” embroidered along the diagonal of one corner of the hanky.

The time has come for us to gather around the hair stylist’s chair. As the gentile hum of the hair clipper’s started you could hear the song pretty women start to play throughout the salon. For some the emotions were too much to handle so they quietly excused themselves from the group to take a minute to recompose themselves. Most of us remained at her side making jokes to lighten the mood while a few of her tears slowly rolled down her rose colored cheeks.

The actual hair cutting only took a couple of minutes. What happened next was amazing. The stylist finished cutting her hair and then placed the wig she had chosen on her head. Immediately the tears stopped flowing, the champagne toasts started. The smile and light of joy in her eyes as the stylist started cutting and shaping the wig to a custom fit was just amazing. When the stylist was finished cutting the wig, it was amazing. Our friend looked just like she did when she walked in the door. The hair style was amazing. I couldn’t believe how real and how amazing she looked. If I wasn’t present to witness this amazing transformation I would have never guessed she was wearing a wig.

I couldn’t imagine that day being anything better then it was. We all left feeling grateful we could be a part of something so special. I was so grateful the day was filled with love, joy, laughter and No Ugly Crying.

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