Happy Social Workers Month


As we continue with Social Worker Appreciation Month, we wanted to express how grateful we are for the hard work and tireless dedication of our Social Workers at Front Range Hospice and Palliative Care.  Our Social Workers are the people holding the hands of the patients and families in our care who may be sad or missing their families, helping families work through unstable times, and connecting individuals and families with community-based support services to help them take advantage of the opportunities available to them now and in the future.

Social Workers are the ones encouraging families and individuals to do better, even when they feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. In short, Social Workers are a lifeline for so many families who have no one else to turn to.

This year we hope you will take a moment with us to recognize all the work Social Workers do to better the lives of people in our communities. Many times, a week I hear “you have to be an angel to work in hospice and palliative care”. Well our Social Workers are the unsung heroes of hospice and palliative care. Our hospice and palliative care Social Workers work tirelessly to make the impossible happen. They do this with very little recognition. I mean how many times do you hear people talk about the Social Worker who helped them navigate the stress, depression or financial challenges caused from caring for a sick or dying loved one. Not often, most of the time it’s the nurse who gets all the credit. Our hospice and palliative care Social Workers don’t like being in the spotlight. They prefer the spotlight be on the success and wellbeing their patients are experiencing from their services. Well this month we would like to move our hospice and palliative care Social Workers from the shadows of care and move them up front in direct sunlight for you all enjoy. Please take a moment to learn a little bit about our hospice and palliative care Social Workers. They are amazing individuals who truly make best days possible for all of our patients.


Tyyne Andrews, LCSW, South Team Hospice Social Worker 

Tyyne Andrews graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Social Work degree in 1996. After working for a couple years in chemical dependency she went back to school and got a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan. She has worked in health care as a medical Social Worker since then and finds that her passion is working with those facing chronic or terminal illnesses and supporting the person and their loved ones through the challenges that go along with these types of health crises.

Tyyne moved to Colorado in 2010 and likes to take retreat in the high mountains of the Rockies a couple times a year. When the weather is good she likes to bike and hike with her close companions.

She loves working at Front Range Hospice and Palliative Care and is very grateful to work with such a kind and caring group of people whose hearts are in the right place.


Nicole Brandon, MSW, Palliative Care Social Worker and North Team Hospice Social Worker

Nicole Brandon graduated from Canisius College with a double major in psychology and criminal justice. After graduation Nicole completed her graduates’ degree at the University of Denver in 2002. Nicole worked for Child Protection Services in Gilpin County for a short period of time after graduation. Prior to becoming a Social Worker Nicole worked as a head start and preschool teacher and supervisor. Nicole loves being a Social Worker because she feels like she is making a difference in people’s lives. She loves the feeling of giving back to the communities she serves.  Nicole loves to spend time with her three daughters and baking sweet treats for family and friends.

Nicole loves being a part of the Front Range Hospice and Palliative Care. She loves the team work approach to care and the kind and loving people she gets to work with every day. Nicole says hospice is her true calling and she doesn’t see herself working anywhere else.


Pam Ware, MSW, LCSW, Owner and Administrator of Front Range Hospice.

Pam graduated from California State College in Fullerton with a B.A. in Psychology and San Diego State University with a Masters in Social Work. Pam moved to Colorado in 1995 and worked in acute care hospitals as an oncology Social Worker. After working closely preparing many patients and their family to make the decision to stop aggressive treatment and choose hospice care she was given the opportunity to run a hospice in Denver in 2003. In 2006, she took her life savings, moved to Erie and started Front Range Hospice. Front Range Hospice and Palliative Care represents Pam’s belief that everyone deserves a dignified death. Her staff is highly trained and the standards of the agency are voluntarily the highest in the industry.

We would be truly lost without the dedication and compassion of our hospice and palliative care Social Workers. Please join us in commending and thanking these individuals who continue to make profound differences in the lives of families across the front-range and beyond.


About Front Range Hospice- Legendary Care

Front Range Hospice is a center for excellence in providing end-of-life care and we continue to strive to keep our company achieving distinction. Visit us at www.frhospice.com.
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